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"Live the dream and shoot for the moon!
...even if you miss, you will be among the stars."

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The Power of the Dream

Thoughts on Why We Build

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Thirteen wins! 2013 Sun n Fun Grand Champion Homebuilt Award!!!

2012 Oshkosh Lindy winners - Canards Rocked the House, including Thirteen!

"Race 13" @ Cleveland Air Race sporting new paint

SMOKE ON! Race 13 is smoke'n fast!

VERY RARE: Berkut 13 leading a formation of three Berkuts!

On short final into Rough River, KY (Photo by Jim Price)

Berkut #13 Flight Operations:

Building Berkut #13:

Kit "A" Stage Pictures and Comments

Kit "B" Stage Pictures and Comments

Kit "C" Stage Pictures and Comments

"All the other stuff" - Pictures and Comments


A Special THANK YOU to:

  • Sandy - my wife and my most avid supporter in the project/airplane!
  • Tim Cook - one of my best friends, 1st hangar-mate, and right-hand-man on the project especially in the beginning.
  • My mom & dad - for putting up with me for the first many years as I dedicated ALL my money, time and effort.
  • My cousin, John Redmon at SANO Sports International for providing the scanner time for some pictures.
  • Aden Wilson and Otho Henderson - A&P's at Granbury Flying Machine Co. (no longer there) for their technical input and help.
  • Charles Ledbetter for letting me use the BIG bandsaw for the wing foam and winglets! (It beats buying one!!)
  • Dave, Vicki (RIP) and the crew at Berkut Engineering - for the help, support, and for doing a great job!
  • To ALL my friends that have provided all kinds of help and encouragement over the years.
  • And thanks to out to all my web firends that have written in over the year...you really helped keep me going through the hard times.

  • Disclaimer:

    This site chronicles the construction of my experimental aircraft for my own educational and entertainment purposes. The processes and procedures described herein should not be used as instructions on building any aircraft.

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