Bagging the Wings

Looking inside the heat tent at the bagged wing's trailing edge.

Whew! This brings back alot of memories. You're looking into the heat tent at the bagged wing. The black object on the right is the space heater bringing the tempature up to about 140-50 degrees. Also, notice the aluminum extrusion attached to the trailing edge - this is assure that the trailing edge is die straight and is not deformed by the bag. The white material is just batting fluff that is being squeezed onto the wing and is the absorbing layer under the plastic bag. A release material is between the laminate and the fluff, allowing it to be seperated when the process is complete. Again, the "The Cheap Little Sucker" comes through like a champ!

This series of lay-ups are the largest, longest and most complicated of the entire kit, but it IS easy. I understand that Dave is working on molded wings...I have mixed emotions about that subject so I'll reserve comment. However, the sanding and filling process will be greatly simplified, so I'm told. I am very proud that my wings have stayed true to form and have NO measurable bow or un-wanted twist and my trailing-edges are die straight! Wayne A., Jerry P. and the other builders have also had similar experiences.

Eat your hearts out, metal benders!

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