Kit "B"
Finally, something that looks like a plane!

Lay-out of all the pre-formed parts in Berkut Kit "B".

Now we are getting somewhere! (well, in the good looks department anyway) Finally, Kit "B" arrives with the biggest bulk of the pre-molded parts for the airplane (time to impress the friends and neighbors!). You can see that the fuselage tub (also known as a canoe) is already jiged and bonded together at the factory (perfect fit) and has the firewall installed. This is important because the firewall sets-up all the primary alignment for the spar, wings, main gear and engine mounts. At least you know that Dave and EAI has given you a perfect's up to you to get the rest of it right.

Other parts include the main spar, front landing gear stringers, bulkhead flat stock, thigh supports, cowling and hardware. This is the biggest part of the kit...and most expensive. But, every penny is worth it knowing that my plane's parts will fit to tolerances of less than .020"!!! Can you say: show-plane from a first time, no experience builder...I sure can!

Some of you newbies might think: "Hey, that doesn't look like much." Well, actually there is much more to it than what meets the eye. For you penny-pinchers out there: the kit will save the average builder about 1000+ hours of construction time over the Long-EZ. If you value your time at a modest $15/hr. - this kit is worth $15,000 in raw labor savings alone. Not to mention the fact that ALL the critical alignments are already established. Run those numbers and see if you can't cost justify a kit!!

Gawking is fun...but, let's get to work on the next step!

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