Main Gear Casters

Casters are used under the main gear to easily position the fuselage

OK, I admit this is not an original idea, its not rocket science - but it IS a money saving idea and that's OK by me! The idea evolved while trying to position the airplane in the workshop with one of the wings attached. The thing is getting heavier as I add parts and is darn near impossible to 'scoot' around on the floor. Sooooo, with a trip to the hardware store and $18.50 later - I now have main gear casters. They are very simple to build - (4) 14-inch, (4) 12-inch 2x4's and (8) rubber wheel casters makes a pair of them. The really good part is that these things sell commercially for about $150 each! Now one person can easily move the plane any direction you wish (remember the nose gear is basically a caster itself). Thus..another $20 solution to a $300 problem. Enjoy!

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