Electric Speed Brake & Mount

Bottom view of the Speed Brake extended.

One of the best of the improvments that the Berkut has included is the electric Speed Brake. It is safer, lighter and easier to build than the original brake on the Long-EZ. The old actuator from the Long-EZ consisted of a lever handle, linkage, torque tube and an over-center mechanism to swing the brake down and lock it into position. This assembly mounted at the base of the pilot seat bulkhead and presented a danger to the pilot's spine in a very hard belly landing. The electric actuator mounts to a very strong carbon-fiber mounting plate at the center of the pilot's seat bulkhead at such an angle as to allow the mount assembly to shear AWAY from the pilot in a gear-up landing with the brake extended.

This mounting modification has been successfully demonstrated, tested and has performed exactly as designed with no injury or substantial damage to the mounting plate. The particular Berkut that experienced the gear-up (brake extended) landing was simply picked up, gear extended, prop replaced and was back in the air that day! Minor scrapes on the belly skin and rudder tips were the only sign of contact.

Here is a picture of the actuator and mount taken from the inside of the rear cockpit. I have also included the plans for the carbon plate and actuator mount that I created. As I understand, this modification is completely adaptable to the Long-EZ. It should look something like this when it is installed.

Some of you have asked for the model number of the actuator. I went back to the hangar and recorded the following information:

This was listed on the motor...
Pittman 9234C120, 73633, 12VDC
Harleysville, PA 19438-0003
a division of Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp.

You can get the unit from Motion Industries, Inc., Eatontown, NJ. The part number is 9234C120-R7. It's a 30:1 gear ratio with a 4" travel, 12v DC. You can also order it through Renaissance Composites (310) 391-1943


I hope that helps...it was the only information I could find.

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