New Paint, New Adventures, New Facebook Page

Berkut 13 is Flying into the Future!!!

Technology, that is. Iíve maintained this website since 1996. Itís filled to the brim with building tips/processes, mods, adventures, and the like. Itís not going anywhere, but given the advent and ease of updating of Facebook, Iíve created a new Berkut 13 page. I will be updating it with exclusive photos and it will become the main site for my postings going forward. It is just SO MUCH easier to update a Facebook page than coding HTML in Notepad like Iíve been doing for 16yrs. My fingers are tired.

Address: CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the Berkut 13 Facebook page.

You do not have to be a member of Facebook to see the page, but if you are a member, you will get update notifications and will be able to post comments and share is what other have to say. Be sure you hit the ďLIKEĒ button if you are a member to get the update notifications Ė another great wonít miss a thing.

Iíll be adding more exclusive pics, adventures and commentary there going forward and if you act quickly...youíll be the first to see them. (Exclusive scoop and all)

Anyway, welcome to the social media age...whether you like it or not.

NOTE: If you are not a Facebook member, it will ask you to join or login. You can just close and/or hit the ESC key and it will let you look at the page. You will, however, have to register and join to get updates, leave comments, or to stop the pesky log-in prompts. A small price to's "free" after all.

Enjoy! And I look forward to your comments and partcipation. See you...OUT THERE!

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