Wing Jigs

The multi-section foam blocks are held in perfect position.

See?...I told you. The wooden supports you see are only part of the wing jigs. Their only purpose is to hold the blocks of wing foam in perfect position while the lay-ups cure. The picture above illustrates the preparation for the removal of the leading edges and the shear web lay-ups. The top sections of the wing jigs are removed so the leading edge foam can be removed. Later, after the shear web is in place, the leading edge cores will be reattached and the full wing jigs will be used to correctly bond them in position. The jigs can also be split in half to be used as wing holders during the wingskin layups and sanding.

You will also notice two aluminum extrusions that are being used to verify the straightness of the wing cores. The channel you see running the span of the wing is relieved for the carbon fiber spar cap tapes.

Using this SIMPLE method, I was able to keep the trailing edge within 1/16" deviation - full span.

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