Rear Seat Beverage Holder
Last updated 5-1-05

A neat-o plastic cup holder I got off eBay - works great!

On Sandy's second flight in the Berkut, she noted that there was no place to put her water bottle...OOPS! She was very right, there wasn't. I really didn't even think about that since I use just use the fuel selector valve depression in the front seat to hold mine. OK, gotta find a kewl fix for that issue...pronto!

What I found was on eBay Motors under "Folding Cup Holder" for $9. It is made of fiber reinforced nylon, mounts with 2-6 screws, folds away when not in use, and has adjustable fingers that fit regular cans, plastic bottles, and large thermal travel mugs (for coffee). They also come in a variety of colors. Perfect! The mounting screws that come with it are a little long for use in the plane, so a $1.50 trip to "agent orange" yielded screws of proper length. I mounted it using all 6 screws holes and nothing else...right into the side fuselage wall. It's solid, secure and out of the way.

Cup Holder: $9.99, Shipping: $2.50, SS Screws: $1.50....a pleased wife: PRICELESS! ;-)

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